Dommy B – Make Some Noise

FirePit Tipis, Cathedral Square

Saturday 2nd December – 11am & 3:30pm

Noise can be gentle, quiet, loud, lots of fun and full of feelings.

Dommy B shares a surprising story about growing up, finding a brilliant (but naughty) imaginary friend, becoming ‘Junk the Punk’ and joining a great school band (Whizzkid and the Veggie Burgers)!

There’ll be rhymes, jokes, and lots of opportunities to make some noise in a celebration of the power of sound and friendship.

Dommy B says, “I love performing for families because children make the best audiences! As well as loads of fun, I’m hoping to offer everyone a really good experience of poetry, so that they’ll see that it’s not boring, or something that you’ve got to be a grown-up to understand and enjoy. It’s something everyone can join in with, and most importantly, have a great time listening to!”